The Mindfulness Book - Practices - Audio Download

The Mindfulness Book - Practices - Audio Download
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To be used in conjunction with The Mindfulness Book (not a stand alone product).

There are numerous practices throughout The Mindfulness Book. Of them, many ask that you take time to sit quietly and become involved in important inner mindfulness work. It would be of great benefit if you could just put the book down and be guided though these practices.

Tom Roberts has recorded an audio series that you can download to guide you through the practices. After listening to the audio, you will then return to the book and work through the questions that are related to each practice.

The titles of the practices you will find in this series, correspond to the same titles in the book, so you can play these tracks as you come upon them.

Keep in mind this is not an audio of the entire Mindfulness Book, only those practices in the book that are enhanced by listening.

Seventeen of the practices from the workbook have been made into audio formats and are available for purchase. The audio is a compliment to the book and is not meant to be used independently. You can listen to a sample excerpt of Observing Big Deal Mind below.

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